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May 28, 2014 - NDI launches NDImobilBID: bidding, billing and payment - the future of silent auctions.
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In today's challenging times, the use of recurring donations is gaining in popularity, but provides a administrative challenge for institutions. The costs involved in administrative and support functions can often outweigh the advantages of accepting recurring donations.

The NDI Recurring Donation (RD) module solves these administrative issues and improves accuracy.

This module was designed to meet the growing number of donors wishing to give through the convenience of recurring or perpetual donations. It can be bundled in conjunction with either of our main directory systems, as an addition to our standalone online giving module or as an add-on to any other vendor's online giving module you might be using.

When a donor chooses the recurring donation option, a donor profile is created using personal and credit card information, as well as the dollar amount and frequency the transaction is to be submitted.

The system permits the donor to choose a perpetual donation (continue until told to stop) or the donation can be limited by value (charge the card until a specified money limit has been reached) or by date (charge the card until a certain date has been reached).

Once this is done and the profile activated, then the system automates the entire process. The system submits the transaction in each period and monitors the success or failure of the transaction reporting to the administrator. Credit cards are scanned for expiry dates and reminders are sent requesting information updates if upcoming expiry dates are detected.

Annually, on December 31st, the system automatically checks each profile; collects the donation history for the previous 12 months, then generates official e-receipts in PDF format and emails them to donors with copies to the administrator.

The system is also able to create transaction reports to update the institution's financial systems as required.

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"The Event Module and On-Line Giving options have expanded our on-line capabilities, simplifying internal office processes saving us time while increasing professionalism."

Lara McDonald
Brentwood College School, Victoria, BC