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January 15, 2024 - Another milestone - last evening our 2,100th auction was run. Thank you to all our clients, and to your success in raising more for your amazing causes.
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System administrators retain editorial control of offsite content, biographical updates and management of all program content with a sophisticated, yet easy to learn tool set.
What Our Clients Say
"Using Net Directories to manage our alumni e-mail has made our development office much more efficient. We are able to send more targeted alumni communications with an increased frequency. Additionally, the on-line event registration has been a terrific help for our reunion registration and even selling raffle tickets. I can't imagine operating our small shop with out it!"

Jeanette Hepburn
Albert College
Belleville, ON

Secure On-Line Event Registration Features:

The On-Line Event Registration module can be obtained as a sub-system to the Alumni Directory, an adjunct to the Parent Directory, or as a fully operational stand-alone system.


The Event Registration module allows your institution to create an on-line list of current and future events for alumni, parents and friends of your institution with full descriptions of all events, event activities, dates, times, fees, etc. Those wishing to register for a specific event can select their desired activities they wish to participate in, specify the number and names of people participating, see total costs, and charge the costs securely against their credit card.

You link the secure registration pages to your website, we assist you in matching the style and colors of your website. Registration information is passed to you securely; you process the registration and payment through your existing school merchant accounts, and keep complete control over the process.

A flat monthly fee (with no transaction charges, percentages or holdbacks) includes all the following features:

  • Industry Standard SSL - We use a Verisgn security certificate, and 128-bit encryption, which ensures the security of credit card and registration information as it is passed from registrants to you.
  • Reduced Exposure - Once you have received the registration information, you can choose to delete the record from our server, eliminating the potential for trouble.
  • Full Featured - The clear web form makes it easy for alumni to select events they are interested in, review the event activities, select activities they wish to participate in, see the costs (if any) associated with their choices, and submit their completed registration with payment.
  • Unlimited Events - You can configure the system with an unlimited number of events at any time.
  • Unlimited Activities - Each event can have an unlimited number of "activities".
  • List of Attendees - A list of attendees can be automatically maintained by the system and displayed for other alumni to see. Off-line registrations can be added manually.
  • Credit Cards - Accept payment using any credit card that you already have a merchant account for.
  • Various Activity Types - Selectable activities include:
    • Fee required with variable units (1, 2, 3 persons, etc.)
    • RVSP only with variable units (1, 2, 3 persons, etc.)
    • Text boxes for name tags, guest names
    • Checkboxes for flat fee items
    • Checkboxes for no fee items
    • Date items with changeable colour backgrounds
    • Information items
    • Gift or donation amounts
    • Drop-down list items
    • Fee or RVSP counters - allowing ticket sales to be limited to available inventory, and sales automatically stopped when the limits are reached.
  • Unrestricted Combinations - These activity types can be formatted in any combination, in any order, with multiples of each, to create a custom registration form for each event.
  • Descriptive Text - There is ample space for descriptive text and explanations about the event. Photos and graphics can be used.
  • Alternate Currencies - Events can be configured with alternate currencies. Events in the USA could be charged in $US while events in the UK could be charged in GBP.
  • Alternate Administrators - Each event can have it's own administrator who receives and processes registrations. The administrators can create new events, configure them and update them at any time.
  • Completely Web Enabled - The system runs on an Internet server, but requires no additional hardware or software on your desktop - just a standard web browser connected to the Internet. The editor can administer the system from anywhere!
  • Fast Set-up and Configuration - Our parameter driven technology allows a new installation to be installed and running quickly, and to adjust all defaults, drop-down lists, event items and displays easily, on-the-fly.
  • Control - The system allows you to completely control all aspects of the registration and confirmation process, so you stay on top of this vital part of your constituent relations.
  • Maintain Events for Future - Events can be "suspended" but kept in the system indefinitely. They can be reactivated, updated and reused, saving time in configuring them. Events can be copied, saving time when creating new events that are similar to previous events.
  • Broadcast to Attendees - Email broadcasts can be performed to registrants who provide an email address.
  • Thank You Notes - "Thank you" notes can be automatically emailed to those that register on-line shortly after they submit their registration. The text of these notes can be customized.
  • Download Attendees - The list of attendees can be downloaded at any time into an Excel spreadsheet for further manipulation or for archival purposes. These downloads can include name and contact information, as well as the specific choices made by each registrant.