System Features
Alumni / Mobile Directory
Parent / Student Directory
Secure On-Line Giving
Secure Event Registration
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Multi-Search Criteria
Parents can search by name, class, grade, school level, postal code (and more!) to connect to other parents.

NDI Parent/Student is a system that encourages communications between parents using an online directory, lowers costs by permitting schools to broadcast to parents and reduces the time of maintaining individual school records.

Key Features and Modules:
  • The program consists of a public and an administrative side, is completely password protected, does not require any special software and can be accessed easily through the Internet.

  • The school can allow faculty/staff members to be listed as well as other special groups, such as volunteers, grandparents and others.

  • Only members listed in the directory are allowed access. Privacy features allow members to "hide" or "show" certain contact information from other members, but still have it available to the school.

  • The Volunteer Module allows the school to establish any number of volunteer groups, encouraging parents to join and received emails specific to that group's activity.

  • The Photo Module permits administrative upload and display of a photos of each student and teacher for display next to their listing.

  • The Bulletin Board/Weblog Module permits students and parents to browse and post notes in a common area under any number of topics chosen by the administrator.

  • Business Directory is an option that allows members to browse an area for business services and create their own business card listing under the appropriate category.

  • The Advanced Mail Option offers template e-newsletters, HTML-mail and attachments. Readership logs track each member's access. Future Scheduling allows broadcasts to be automatically sent at a predetermined time.

  • The Parent Resource Option, included in the base system fee, allows the administrators to upload and organize files and documents (e.g. PDF, Word, Excel, photos) that can be accessed on-line by parents and faculty/staff for downloading at any time.

  • The Medical Forms Option, is a module that allows parents and the school nurse to update a profile for each student online, including medical and emergency contact information. The information can be viewed online, or printed for use by teachers on school trips.

  • The SMS/Text Messaging Option offers emergency broadcasting of short plain-text messages to parent, student and faculty/staff mobile phones.
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"Net Directories has opened up communications for the school and the parents in many ways. Because it is simple and efficient to use, we are able to send emails both to groups and individuals immediately and know that they have been received."

"It has also helped us to be more responsive to the members of our community, providing information and responses in a reliable way. Further, the user-friendly nature of the program has meant that members of our community have readily embraced this new system."

Francesca Bacon
Hunter College Elementary School PTA, New York, NY