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"Net Directories makes communicating with our constituents a pleasure. The variety of options that the program offers is amazing and you can send out information to whomever with the speed, quality and professional look that we are proud to have carry our name."

"I would recommend Net Directories to anyone in the Advancement field as it makes getting information out to groups of people a simple, effective venture."

Bryan J. Rose
Advancement Officer & Director of Annual Giving
Ridley College, St. Catharines ON

Basic Mentoring can be bundled with the NDI Alumni Directory, Advanced Mentoring is offered as a stand-alone product with many additional features and functions. Both services allows alumni to volunteer as advisors to other alumni or graduating students.

Basic Mentoring:

Anyone wishing to volunteer as a mentor simply completes a career profile within the directory and indicates those areas of expertise where they are willing to help. By doing so, they join a separate, searchable database available to all alumni within the general directory.

The profile contains contact information as well as drop down lists specifying their areas of interest, such as:
  • Industry
  • Profession
  • University
  • Degree
  • Location
Potential mentees can then search the list of mentors using these lists and view mentor profiles to find those best able to suit their needs.

Many Schools are now discovering the advantages of an online mentor program - it affords volunteers the opportunity to contribute to the sell-being of others and establishes a valuable resource to the school and members looking for mentor services.

Mentor profiles are compiled and updated by the volunteers. The database is easily searched by members and results are immediate without the cost of engaging a staff member to search databases, make judgments and pass on information.

Advanced Mentoring:

The Advanced Mentoring Program is a custom designed product exclusive to a client and is marketed by the institution and operated as a separate function.

This program supports three different levels of mentoring:
  • Alumni to Alumni, or Alumni to Graduating Students
  • Young Alumni to graduating Students
  • Special Request Mentors (mentors not displayed on-line, but available to the program manager)
A single unduplicated record is used for each person, who can be enabled with any of the various profiles. Many participants have multiple profiles (e.g. a Young Alumni Mentor may also be an Alumni (mentor) to Alumni (mentee).

Once approved and logged in, a participant can edit their own info, and can search for others. Profiles are updated in real-time, and updated information is forwarded to the program manager for review.

Mentor profiles are vastly more extensive than in the NDI Alumni Directory Basic Mentor Module. Any participant is able to easily email a copy of their profile to others.

The Program Manager can broadcast to all participants, or select subgroups on any of the criteria available. Lists and counts are easily obtained, providing the manger with total information about the number and type of participants.

The manager has full editing capabilities, and can edit, delete or censor participants as required.

Because the system is custom designed, cost is estimated on a per-application basis.

Contact us for a demonstration or further information.